Ultimate Boat Cleaning Guide

Cleaning a boat is so important because if the boat is not cleaned it can be attacked by fungus and many more dirt on it. Boat cleaning is a process in which boat is cleaned by outer and inner side.  This is one of the toughest jobs as it is so hard to stand at pontoon boat with a big and heavy brush and rub it on the surface of the boat. And that’s not the end you have to clean it from inside too. It takes a whole of the day to clean a boat. Now the question arises is can we clean a boat in simple and easy ways which save our time? The answer is yes! Yes, you can do that with some simple tips.

Boat Cleaning Tips: 


    it is very necessary to prepare it means clean all of your clothes and the accessories before you start boat cleaning. The entire suitcase and the boxes should be clean first.


    Supplies play an important role in boat cleaning. It is not possible to clean a boat by hands. These are the tools use to clean boat. These are as follows:

  • Brush: Choose a brush with soft teeth and can clean the dirt at once. The weight of the brush should be less as it is so hard to pull heavy brush. And the handle should be flexible and long enough to reach the heights of the boat.
  • Bucket: take a bucket which is big enough to carry a good amount of water so you do not need to bring water after one wash, and in which your brush can be inserted and removed easily.

    These products are necessary for the cleaning as these are the base of the cleaning. These products mainly contain chemicals which kill the real germs and make the boat clean at the micro level.

  • Soap: the soap you choose for the cleaning of the boat should contain the quality to clean the dirt, fish blood, grim, salt and sunscreen products.
  • Biodegradable: choosing cleaning agent to keep in mind that it should be biodegradable so that it can easily degrade in water and no harm for the aquatic life.
  • Fresh water: always use fresh water to clean your boat, because the river and ocean water contains salt and grim in the excess quantity which is not good for the boat.
  • Follow instructions: read carefully the instructions given on the cleaning agents as their concentrations may harm your boat.

    To do something there should be a strategy so it can be done in a systematic way and no area remains untouched.

  • Top to bottom: starts your cleaning process from the top and go down doing this.
  • Small sections: clean small sections so that each and every area becomes clean.
  • Small stuff: make clean from inside the deck first. Do your all small stuff like cleaning TVs, freeze etc.
  • Cover the corrosive things: rinse off the whole boat and cover the corrosive part of the boat. To preserve them from rusting.
  • Use absorbent: after cleaning the whole boat dry it with a sponge or a dry cloth. It will work as absorbent and will dry all your important parts which may cause of rusting.

    Different parts of a boat required different cleaning because all parts are not made up of the same thing. So we have to clean them with special cleaning.

  • Vinyl upholstery: cleaning of vinyl upholstery is important to prevent settling of dirt and grime. Once the dirt settles it is too difficult to remove it. You can clean it by simply the mixture of water and vinegar. To remove hard grimes use a soft brush and special designed cleaner for upholstery.
  • Cleaning of carpets: cleaning of your carpet by a vacuum cleaner is not enough because the dirt and grime which settled down will not be removed by vacuum cleaner so to clean it, just remove your carpet if it can remove, and take it to an open place and clean it with steam. If a carpet is soiled and stained just use stain remover and them clean it with a steam cleaner.
  • Teak maintenance: teak of a boat is its identity so it is important to clean it regularly. Once teak loses its shine you will regret. So to clean your teak by a special teak cleaner.
  • Glass cleaning: the easy method to clean glass is clean with the mixture of water and vinegar. It is environment-friendly.

These were some important tips by which you can clean your boat in a systematic way. There are many companies which ask you to use their costly products for clean but by these simple and cheap tips, you can almost clean your boat in free of cost. It’s your choice what to choose or what not? Use Bad Ass Spray Cleaners as your happy boat cleaner! It is cheap, it is best and it is bad ass!

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